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In conversation with...

Conversations between our AKE team and experts across the risk community and the sectors we support.  Designed to share tips, knowledge, best practice and anecdotes from some extraordinary experiences.

Episode #1 -
Clothilde Redfern, director at The Rory Peck Trust

AKE Podcast Episode 1 - In conversation with Rory Peck TrustArtist Name
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In this, our inaugural podcast, AKE’s regional intelligence analyst for Europe & Eurasia, Tereza Dvorakova and principal analyst, Claire Fleming talk to Clothilde Redfern, director at The Rory Peck Trust about the challenges facing journalists reporting from Ukraine.  We discuss the importance of preparation and planning and touch on the ethical issues surrounding deploying to and working in a warzone. This is the first episode in a series of episodes focused on the safety and security of journalists.

Clothilde Redfern is the director of the Rory Peck Trust, an organisation dedicated to the support, safety and welfare of freelance journalists around the world. She started her career at the International Herald Tribune then worked in broadcasting, including Channel 4’s Documentaries department, before taking leadership roles in non-profit organisations supporting journalists and filmmakers. She is passionate about the role of journalism in fully functioning democracies.

In this podcast Clothilde mentions some interesting research undertaken by academic Johana Kotisova. You can access this here

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We have also created a Ukraine specific landing page - conveniently collating our Ukraine services from analysis to training and security support. Check it out here.


In the opening of this podcast we have used audio from these YouTube videos by Sky News and The Whitehouse:

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