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Global Intake
'Buy One, Gift One'

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We know that it has become very difficult for many businesses to commit to the levels of corporate social responsibility that were possible before the impact of recent global crises. 


Meanwhile, budget cuts and the volatile geopolitical environment continue to impact individuals and organisations working to deliver vital services on the ground and report from some of the world’s most challenging locations.

To support our clients and community in these difficult times, for every Global Intake (GI) subscription purchased, we will gift a subscription to a charity, NGO or freelance journalist.

AKE’s country risk platform GI has been used as a pre-deployment planning tool and trusted source of location risk intelligence for over two decades. Today, the platform is utilised by a diverse range of clients including multinationals, media networks, insurance companies, NGOs and governmental organisations and departments.

GI provides access to online country risk analysis, emailed regular reports providing political, economic and security analysis, strategic forecasting, ratings and incident mapping. The platform contains 198 detailed country profiles updated in real time, as well as a unique security and political risk rating scale and an archive of historical analysis going back almost two decades.

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Freelance journalist, NGO or charity?

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