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Delve into recent developments in the escalation of tensions between China and Taiwan, the domestic and international forces driving changes in cross-Strait relations as well as its regional and global consequences. 


Explore our interactive timeline and analytical report to allow you to reflect on and build your understanding of the war in Ukraine and its regional and global ramifications.

More on our interactive special reports

Our interactive special report WAR IN UKRAINE presents a timeline of all major developments in the first year of the war, a map depicting the change in the conflict dynamics, information about the September 2022 referendum, Russian partial mobilisation and roles of different fighting units, including the mercenary Wagner Group and Chechen Kadyrovtsy. It also provides information on the regional and global ramifications, most notably the resulting energy crisis. 

AKE’s interactive special reports aim to present information and analysis in an engaging way to help readers build understanding of complex events and protracted timelines.

In our interactive special report TENSIONS IN THE TAIWAN STRAIT, explore the battle over semiconductor chips as it emerges as a key battlefront in US-China relations. Various hypotheses on reunification scenarios beyond that of a military invasion are also included, with readers free to speculate. AKE will update the report as and when key developments occur.

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